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At do wifi we specialise in the design, installation, security and management of bespoke WiFi and fixed networks. Regardless of the size of your business, we offer the products and expertise to help you get connected with a network that’s just right for you.

We take into account everything from user numbers and density to applications used to ensure that you’re provided with a fast, stable and secure WiFi and internet connectivity. With everything from hardware, expert configuration and support provided. A Performance Networks solution is an easy and reliable way to ensure your network performance.



We know our customers have aspirations and dreams, that they are emotional decision-makers who face daily challenges and choices, framed by their experiences and influenced by their world. We are driven to create work that makes meaningful connections with them – educating, inspiring and entertaining, adding value, always looking for ways to uplift their communities and care for our environment.

We love to craft brand stories that influence the way people think, act and feel, that capture the imagination, illustrate concepts, ignite passions and inspire belief.

There’s a set of passionately held beliefs that inform our every process, the decisions we make and the skillsets we look to grow and acquire.

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Our Services

An effective way of increasing our trading footfall and keeping our customers longer

Shopping / Retail WiFi

WiFi is currently one of the most talked about subjects in the Retail IT world and is an essential part of the Retail sector's multi channel offering and pushing out ‘on-demand’ marketing messages.

Restaurant WiFi

Let us serve up a little food for thought; allow your customers to engage with you and your brand through our secure Public WiFi solution.– Our WiFi hotspots offer more than just connectivity.

Outdoor WiFi

We can provide the perfect solution for larger scale Public WiFi locations whether it's large scale outdoor events, stadia or a city centre location, we've delivered similar projects successfully.

Corporate WiFi

Our WiFi solutions provide a totally separate physical network from your Internal corporate LAN's and are a fully managed, legally compliant public/guest WiFi giving you total peace of mind.

Public Sector WiFi

Reliability and compliance is key in heavy traffic WiFi locations, managing the facility is equally important, monitoring activity, filtering content and recording user data, leaving you to get on with your business.

Digital marketing

Using our platform you know who is currently in your venue using your WiFi in real time. This means you can target specific demographics, giving your marketing campaigns a greater chance of success.

Maximum Brand Exposure

Your customers see your fully branded landing pages, maximising your market exposure whilst giving your customers confidence to use your Legally Compliant WiFi solution, thus increasing profits

Managed Marketing Strategy

We manage your digital strategy for you, freeing up your valuable time, pushing in-store and localized marketing messages and you can manage customer data, helping you to grow your brand online and social media channels.

Home and Business WiFi/Broadband

Get "do" WiFi/Broadband for your home and business. Superfast, reliable and easy to use internet service in your venue.

"do" ! Home and Business

Legally Compliant Public WiFi Providers.

Having carried out thousands of successful installations, do WiFi Hotspots are located across a range of different market sectors, ranging from Retail environments to private Corporate WiFi areas. Whatever the venue type, size or complexity, do Wi-Fi will have a Public WiFi solution for you.

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